The Residences Preferred Employers Program

The Residences and The Buccini/Pollin Group is proud to offer a Preferred Employers Program (PEP).  Residents who are employees or students of any of the regional institutions listed below will receive a $0 Application Fee* That is a $50.00 savings!  Just mention this promotion to the leasing agent assisting you to take advantage of this great deal!

*Discount can not be combined with any other promotion or concession.

Preferred Employer List

(not listed below, but included in program, are all Law Firms located in the City of Wilmington Delaware)

                                                                                                                                                                                                      AAA Mid-Atlantic


Agilent Technologies



Astra Zeneca

Bank of America

Barclays Bank


Capital One

Health Systems

Citi Bank

City of Wilmington Delaware

Discover Card

DuPont Delaware


ING Direct

JP Morgan Chase

Siemens Healthcare Diagnotics

University of Delaware

Widener University Law

Wilmington University

WSFS Bank Wilmington Delaware

US Armed Forces

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